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Finding a wasp nest in or around your property can be a worrying experience for both homeowners and business owners alike. Unless you know exactly what to do, removing the nest can be extremely hazardous, so it’s definitely a job that’s best left to the professionals.

As your local accredited experts in wasp control, PestPass Pest Control Services offer fast and efficient wasp nest removal in Burnley and the surrounding areas in East Lancashire for both residential and commercial customers. With affordable prices and 24-hour emergency callouts available, we guarantee to eradicate your wasp problem.

We’re CEPA (The Confederation of European Pest Management) certified and a member of NPTA (The National Pest Technicians Association) so you can rest assured that we’ll deal with your wasp problem in an effective manner while ensuring that we protect your health and safety, your property and the environment.

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Getting Rid of Wasp Nests in Burnley and Beyond.

If you’ve noticed an increase in the number of wasps on your premises or you’ve found a wasp nest, it’s time to call in your local pest control specialists. Burnley based PestPass know all there is to know about wasps, and we know how to get rid of them fast.

Wasps and bees look very alike, so how do you tell them apart? In the UK, you’re most likely to come across the common wasp with its standout black and bright yellow stripes. Honeybees, on the other hand, have stripes of a more golden-brown colour and tend to be hairier than wasps, while bumblebees are much rounder and much furrier than the common wasp.

Wasps’ nests are vastly different to bees’ nests. Unlike bees that build their nests out of wax cells stacked on top of one another, wasps build spherical shaped paper nests in cavities in walls, buildingsand trees or underground. Their nests can range in size from a tennis ball to a large beach ball.

For most people, wasps are merely an irritation, especially when you’re trying to barbecue or eat outdoors. However, for some people, the thought of being stung by a wasp can cause severe anxiety. While you may be frightened of being stung by a wasp, the important thing to remember is that they only tend to attack when they feel under threat.

As annoying as wasps are, it’s always best to ignore them rather than trying to shoo them away. Waving your arms and ‘whacking’ them just makes them angry, and unlike a bee, a wasp can sting many times. What’s more, when a wasp stings or dies, it releases a pheromone that informs the rest of the nest that it’s under threat. Before you know it, one wasp will soon be joined by hundreds of aggressive nestmates.

If you’ve ever been stung by a wasp, you’ll know how painful it can be, and it’s usual to experience swelling along with the pain. However, for some unlucky people, a wasp sting can cause a severe allergic reaction which will require medical attention. For these reasons, and because wasps’ nests are often located in hard-to-access locations, such as under the eaves and in loft spaces, calling in professional pest control services to remove the wasp nest is always the best option.

At PestPass, we have the experience, expertise and necessary equipment to remove wasps’ nests quickly and most importantly, safely. We’re fast, we’re efficient, and we’ll fit our work in around your schedule to ensure that your property is left wasp free. All our work is guaranteed and is always undertaken in line with the current regulations.

Don’t wait until your wasp issue becomes a BIG problem – we’re just a phone call away – so get in touch now by calling us on (0161) 831 5011 or by dropping us an email to info@pestpass.co.uk